Saw a great shirt today at the gym that said “know your why.”  The statement really stood out to me because the second most popular question that I get asked (behind is Brickhouse really your last name) is “Why do you work out so much?”  I’m happy to share my reasons with anyone that wants to listen, and sometimes even those that don’t.  However, knowing my “why” may not be your answer. Whether it is why you work at a particular job, why you have a particular habit, or even why you are with a certain person, knowing your reasons are what’s important.

In its purest form, there are no judges in the gym.  When I’m there, it’s just me and the weights, and two hundred pounds is two hundred pounds, no matter what.  No supervisors, no employees, no kids, no real outside influence except for what you are willing to let in.  It’s my time to let loose and just be “me” without the judgement of others. For that one hour (sometimes more or less depending on the day) nothing else matters except for picking things up, and putting them down whenever I choose to do so.

It also gives me the chance to leave everything that’s on my mind (which i tend to call “motivation”) in the gym.  Any frustration that may walk in the door with me, is gone by the time I finish the last rep of that last set.

My other main  “why” is a more personal.  In the gym, I’m only trying to impress myself.  My goal is to show constant improvement.  That can translate into more reps at a certain weight, more weight than I have ever lifted before, or something as simple as a strong feeling of accomplishment when I know that I gave it my all.  The great thing about this, is that the sense of accomplishment in the gym translates to the outside.   I don’t want to just improve within those walls, it is simply how I want to live.  It’s all about being better than you were the day before in whatever you are doing in life.

So to make it simple:

I can be me & just let loose while focusing on personal improvement every step of the way.

Now, just to be clear, this is strictly about working out, and has nothing to do with stepping on stage and competing.  That’s a totally different conversation for another time.  These are my reasons why I do what I do, but like I said, my reasons can mean absolutely nothing to you… The key is “knowing your why.”